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Kim Taylor creates unique objects of wood and metal. He also produces fine art photography. Photography Gallery

email: kataylor@180degreeimaging.com
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Bare Bulb lamps appeal to emotions held deep within our psyche. Our first ascent to culture was through our use of fire. Much later came the candle and later still the electric lightbulb. To see a point source of light in the corner of your eye is as comforting as seeing the sun.

Most of these lights use low wattage tungsten filiment bulbs which provide the same warm light as the fire, the candle and the sun.

  • These are not production run objects, I can make about two of these in a day if I'm working hard.
  • If it's sold I can make you one somewhat similar but each item is a hand-made one-off.

Block is $270

Unavailable at this time.
Block lamp simple bare bulb with switch
Block is a bare bulb with a switch. This is the first lamp I created, and was put to instant use beside our back door.

Zed is $250

Zed lamp simple bare bulb with switch
Zed is a bare bulb with a rotary switch at the bulb. The wood is purpleheart and it's designed to go into a small space where you want the cord to hang to the front side.

Wormwood is $350

Wormwood lamp simple bare bulb with switch
Wormwood is a bare bulb with a rotary switch on the cord. The wood is wormy cherry and the cord represents the insect attack which gives this piece it's appeal. I kept this piece of wood in my shop for several years while I tried to find the perfect concept for it.

Scrapyard is $250

Scrapyard lamp simple bare bulb with switch
Scrapyard is a bare bulb with a rotary switch on the cord. The wood is a mixture of ash and maple. This is about as freeform as you will get for a light that can be used on a desk, an end-table or on the floor. The cord weaves through the arm and the base and the arm can be moved.

Box1 is $150

Box lamp simple bare bulb with switch
Box1 is a bare bulb with a switch on the side of the box. This is an old box that has been on our fridge for as long as my daughter has been around. She's quite fond of this one.

Boom is $190

Boom floor lamp bare bulb with switch
Boom is a bare bulb floor lamp with a switch on the cord, one simply drops one's hand beside the couch to find the switch. The poles are hickory and the base is grey elm. The poles are repurposed martial arts weapons. At the moment the base and pole are loose (the pole simply slips into a hole) but they can easily be fixed together.

Caged is $230

Caged lamp bare bulb with switch
Caged is a rather angry lamp. The top and bottom are hickory, the sides maple and who knows what the bars are made of. The switch is jammed through a piece of scrap picked up off the floor of the shop and the wiring has been assembled with wood screws and epoxy glue. A cold day in the shop and a lot of frustration went into this one. Not for the faint of heart.

Fishbowl is $150

Fishbowl lamp
Fishbowl is quite a simple little lamp with a 7 watt bulb. It's more a night-light than a reading lamp, and you can store some little treasure inside if  you wish.

Mallet is $320

Mallet desk lamp
Mallet is an adjustable desk lamp made of steel and Osage Orange.

Cookfire is $250

Cookfire table lamp
Cookfire came about because I picked up a grater and the family said "that's stupid". The tripod is made from repurposed martial art weapons bound with jute cord.

Campfire is $350

Campfire floor lamp
Campfire is made from hickory staves, a grey elm base and sisal cord. The staves are offcuts from the production of martial art weapons.

Copper Knife is $230

Campfire floor lamp
Copper was used for tools and weapons before bronze and long before steel. This rough and ready blade is damned near useless to cut things harder than cheese but it's almost certain you won't find another like it.